Bird Rescues, Bird Rehab Centers and Wildlife Hospitals in Oklahoma

County Rehabilitator City Phone Rehab. Type
Adair Christina M Kiddy (918)575-0620 All Mammals, Certain Birds, Certain Reptiles
Beckham Diana M Harkins (580)303-1728 Mammals
Bryan Wanda G Bilyeu (580)775-7524 Raccoons, Deer, Fox
Bryan Don R Hyde (580)230-6198 Deer, Raccoon, Etc
Bryan Carolbeth Hyde (580)760-0532 Deer, Raccoon, Etc
Bryan Ciara N Reedy (580)367-5516 All Mammals
Caddo Robert K Mccain (405)542-7555 Bobcats, Small Mammals, Raccoons, Squirrels, Skunks, Possums, And Whitetail Deer
Cherokee Michelle R Laymon (918)816-1371 All
Cleveland Laura L Ramsey (405)618-8803 Mammals, Non-Migratory Birds, Turtles
Coal Amy Couch (580)239-0476 Mammals
Comanche Roy Rodrick (580)581-3219 Birds, Mammals, Reptiles, Etc
Comanche Nicole M Brown (580)678-4951 Mammals, Reptiles
Creek Linda Morton (405)876-7037 Mammals
Creek Stacey D Price (918)850-9210 All
Creek Elizabeth D Morton (405)816-7037 Mammals
Creek Tonya M Weaver (918)625-6605 Squirrels
Creek Diana Mayberry (918)892-6659 Raccoon, Skunk, Opossum, Bobcat, Squirrel
Custer Sarah R Claussen (580)613-6163 Almost All Orphan
Dewey Randi Cole (580)821-1254 Mammals
Dewey Candi M Kughn (580)334-3453 Mammals
Garfield Tina S Pulis (918)808-5200 Mammals, Birds
Garfield Marilyn D Covarrubias (580)402-5463 Small Mammals (Opossums, Squirrels, Bunnies), Small Birds
Garfield Paige S Keithly (580)231-0476 Orphaned Birds, Opossums And Squirrels
Grady Diana L Burns (405)628-2767 Birds, Mammals, Deer
Greer Andrew Ormand (580)706-0269 All Reptiles And Mammals ( No Birds )
Harper Mary M Breon (580)216-8564 Mammals
Hughes Britnee N Silva (405)221-7624 Racoon,Opossum, Lizzards, Deer Etc
Hughes Lori J Gamble (918)361-6981 Mammals
Jackson Aimee D Price (580)471-1182 Mammals
Kay Amanda Rogers (580)716-7222 Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Ect
Latimer Keith A Chatley (918)471-0054 Small Mammals
Latimer Jennifer Tilley (918)448-5148 Mammals
Latimer Ivette A Burton (918)448-3052 Mammals Birds Reptiles Amphibians
Le Flore Leann B Measles (918)927-2547 Mammals
Le Flore Sandra R Shatswell (918)721-8036 Mammals
Lincoln Ashley Lonetree (405)880-0734 Bald Eagles And Golden Eagles
Lincoln Cherlinda J Burns (405)880-0734 Bald And Golden Eagles
Lincoln Rebecca F Cobb (405)531-8450 Mammals, Reptiles, Aquatic
Lincoln Megan Judkins (405)880-0734 Bald And Golden Eagles
Love Rick L Thompson (580)276-6172 Birds, Mammals
Major Jennifer R Jackson (580)886-4199 Mammals
Marshall Shelby D Beal (580)579-6785 Mammals
Marshall Brooke Enlow (580)263-9493 All
Mayes Catherine B Hershberger (918)520-8164 Mammals, Birds
McCurtain Tammy M Virgin (580)209-2458 Domestic Foxes And Skunks
McCurtain Kevin J Storey (918)964-9682 Mammals
McCurtain Tiffany Williams (580)208-8989 Mammals
McCurtain Carolyn M Beckers (580)743-0935 Mammals Reptiles
McIntosh Tammy Robison (918)230-2747 Mammals
McIntosh Shannon L Burns (918)617-1095 Deer
Muskogee Whitney Ball (918)913-2513 Mammals, Birds, Reptiles
Muskogee Karen Flusche (918)869-6732 Mammals
Muskogee Gil R Keener (918)781-2803 Mammals
Oklahoma Suzanne B Govett (405)641-4060 Bats
Osage Deloris A Chambers (918)440-7994 Mammals
Osage Amanda B Kendrick-Bartenhagen (918)766-4850 Birds, Mammals, Reptiles
Payne Jordan M O’hara (405)334-7471 Bald And Golden Eagles
Payne Jessica A Torres (405)665-0091 All Animals Including Birds Except Eagles
Pittsburg Faithann C Butler (918)348-4082 Orphaned Mammals
Pittsburg Kara C Butler (918)348-4082 Orphaned And Minorly Injured. Raccoons, Opossums, Armadillos, Squirrels….
Pushmataha Brylee J Hedgecock (580)271-0545 Mammals, Reptiles
Pushmataha Tammi L Smith (405)496-9272 Squirrels, Skunk, Fox, Bobcat, Deer, Opposum, Rabbits, – Will Transport Birds
Pushmataha Brittanie Grimmett (580)271-1271 Mammals, Birds, Reptiles Except Snakes
Rogers Jason C Akin (918)342-9453 All Species
Rogers Annette M King (918)342-9453 All Native Including Birds, Birds Of Prey, Eagles, Predators And Deer.
Rogers Katherine L King (918)342-9453 All Mammals, Bear, Deer, Songbirds, Waterfowl, Birds Of Prey, Reptiles
Rogers Ashley M Watts (918)342-9453 All Species Of Mammals, Deer, Raptors, Birds, Eagles, And Reptiles
Rogers Deborah J Montgomery (918)508-9607 Opossums, Squirrels, Racoons
Rogers Susan L Lott (918)342-9453 Deer, All Mammals, Songbirds, Reptiles, Birds Of Prey, Including Eagles, Waterfowl
Rogers Linda Callery (918)774-5245 Birds, Waterfowl And Mammals
Rogers Charles G Silva (918)342-9453 All Native Species
Tillman Julie J Parks (580)305-4020 Birds Mammals Reptiles Etc
Tulsa Kathy Becker (918)508-9607 Rabbits
Tulsa Mickie L Dessiatova (918)508-9607 Raccoons
Tulsa Joseph Barkowski (918)669-6225 Native And Exotic Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Amphibians, Etc
Tulsa Kathy Locker (918)671-3338 Birds, Mammals, Reptiles
Tulsa Daniel D Glossop (918)695-7166 Mammals, Reptiles
Tulsa Denise Womack (918)508-9607 Mammals
Tulsa Nicole Smith (918)688-8020 Birds Of Prey, Songbirds, Reptiles, Mammals
Tulsa Daniel Olson (918)282-3088 Raptors, Birds Of Prey
Tulsa Rachel N Olson (918)282-3088 Raptors, Birds Of Prey
Tulsa Carol A Vandiver (918)406-8604 Small Mammals
Tulsa Jan Mckay (918)640-7337 Songbirds
Tulsa Mary H Foley (918)508-9607 Cottontail Rabbits
Wagoner Donna Gaulding (918)935-7579 Mammals
Wagoner Bethany A Provencher (918)260-1499 Raptors, Mammals,Reptiles. All Except Coyotes And Opossums
Wagoner Lorri Lujan (918)693-2291 Birds Etc
Washita Sunni L Stokes (580)339-0959 Mammals, Some Birds
Woodward Tammy A Willingham Loomis (580)334-2251 Birds, Mammals, Turtles,
Woodward Amber D Beasley (580)216-2526 Raccoons And Opposums